Have you ever walked a customer through your lot thinking you knew the exact location of a specific unit — only to find out it had been moved by another employee? Then you know firsthand that a misunderstanding like this leads to an awkward apology, time wasted, and a reputation of disorganization.

But with an efficient inventory management solution, you’ll never again have to guess the location of your vehicles. Using geointelligence, you can log every unit move and keep track of current or previous locations seamlessly. Let’s delve deeper into a few difficulties you may face due to inefficient lot logistics and how this technology can help:

MOT - Are Your Lot Logistics Making Your Job Harder?

Inefficient Customer Service

The quality of your customer service hinges on your business's operational systems. If your dealership’s lot sections are unclear or you can’t keep an active log of inventory location, your employees will have difficulty finding the unit they need and your customers will be left waiting.

However, a meticulously crafted inventory management system like Lot Metrix allows you to designate lot parameters and easily record the locations of every vehicle — increasing operational efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, employees can effortlessly view lot information through a mobile app or web browser, providing on-the-go access when needed. This split-second access to data eliminates excess search time and allows staff to efficiently complete customer requests.

Inevitably, customers will notice and appreciate your enhanced service. Your employees will be empowered to close more deals all while delivering efficient, knowledgeable, and organized service.

Unsystematic Operations

In addition to driving higher quality customer service, a successful inventory management system will work to streamline your internal operations. For example, Lot Metrix integrates seamlessly with whichever DMS platform your dealership already uses, so the only thing you’d need to become accustomed to is accelerated productivity across your dealership. Directly through the system, you can delegate tasks, record inventory with a barcode scanner, and monitor unit moves from A to Z. On top of this, you’ll experience robust reporting capabilities that allow you to analyze results and improve your operations and lot logistics in the future.

Higher Liability Risk

There aren’t many things more aggravating than being blamed for something you didn’t do. And unfortunately, false claims and accusations from customers do occur from time to time. However, you can stay one step ahead by using an inventory management system equipped with cloud-based media storage. Using this feature, you can host pictures and videos and document each unit’s condition.

For example, the owners of Big Boy’s Toys encountered a grueling 15 months of online defamation by a couple who claimed they were sold a leaky trailer with black mold. Eventually, the couple admitted their claims weren’t true and apologized to the dealership. But what if they hadn’t? If this had been your dealership, would you have had methods to fight false claims and accusations?

Ideally, your dealership has never experienced — and never will — anything similar. But with clear evidence, you can combat complaints or allegations of apparent damage or misuse and avoid the trouble of legal battles and fees. This added level of security will ensure your dealership and employees aren’t blamed for something that happened outside of your business’s premises.

Missed Profit Opportunities

Your dealership’s employees and profits will benefit from an advanced inventory management solution. With faster speeds, greater visibility, and increased organization, you’ll meet customer demands with ease — driving more sales and decreasing missed opportunities. In addition, effective inventory management will minimize your holding costs and result in fewer losses due to damages and theft. You’ll have more inventory insight than ever before, allowing for tighter operations and amplified success.

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Your lot logistics should make your job easier. With an inventory management solution that effectively uses geointelligence, you’ll eliminate the guessing game, enhance the customer experience, and reap operational benefits across the board.