We had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 2023 RVDA Convention/Expo and seeing many of our valued customers. During the RVDA Spotlight on Excellence luncheon, various exhibitors gave recognition and awards to dealerships from around the country for their tremendous achievements.

Lance Zumwalt, director of sales at Motility Software Solutions, presented the recipients of Motility’s Trailblazer, Visionary, Synergy, and Rising Star awards. These awards honor top-performing dealers who improved their repair event cycle times (RECT) scores and customer service.

The winners for each award are listed below.


Trailblazer Award

This award recognizes innovative dealers blazing industry trails. These dealers are true champions of Motility and are on a journey to support their peers in the pursuit of understanding, troubleshooting, and growing their use of Motility’s solutions. We recognize these dealers’ efforts to continually adopt new ideas, technologies, and trends.

Congratulations to:

     Gibs RV, Lisa Larkin

     Krenek RV, Scott & Ryan Krenek

     We Are Airstream, Aaron Korges & Denny Donaldson


Visionary Award

At Motility, we’re driven by our nearly 40-year legacy of product innovation and customer service. Our vision for the future is to help dealers transform every aspect of their business to increase profitability and improve efficiency. This award acknowledges one of Motility’s most forward-thinking dealers.

            Congratulations to:

                        Optimum RV, Denver Beck


Synergy Award

This category is for a dealer that crushes complexity at every turn. As one of our strategic advisors, they’re helping drive Motility into the future. These dealerships and Motility work hand in hand to gain valuable feedback on needs for RECT but also on our products and services. The following recipients demonstrate qualities of leadership and strategic excellence.

            Congratulations to:

                        North Trail RV, Alan Erp

                        Gerzeny RV World, Matt Gerzeny & Ed Davidson


Rising Star Award

This award recognizes dealers who stand out from the crowd with efficiency and cost savings using our full suite of products. This dealer has fully implemented all our solutions and we’re recognizing their ability to see the value in tech-driven efficiency, which in turn drives growth in the RV industry.

            Congratulations to:

                        Byerly RV, Warren & Sarah Patton


At Motility, we’re committed to building strong relationships with our customers and helping RV dealerships thrive. These recipients are more than deserving of this recognition for their outstanding business practices, and we’re excited for their continued innovation. Congratulations to our 2023 award recipients!

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